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Gift ideas for cyclists

If you’re looking for a gift or two for the favorite cyclist in your life, check out this segment from KY3's The Place. Michael & Brian talk about some great gift ideas.

Gear for riding during daylight savings

Michael and Brian had a fun time talking about various things you need to keep riding now that the time has changed and the sun is going down earlier on KY3's The Place.

Bicycle Safety

This segment on KY3's The Place focused on cycling safety for beginners. Kelly provides some important advice about what you need to stay safe while cycling.

Riding the Frisco Highline trail

This segment on KY3's The Place focuses on the beloved Frisco Highline Trail, with some great info from John Montgomery of Ozark Greenways, Inc., plus Brian Barr talking shop about the Cannondale Topstone.

Riding Wilson's Creek trail

We had a great time exploring part of the Ozark Greenways, Inc. Wilson’s Creek trail, and we talked about some tips to help you ride successfully in the summer heat.

Mountain biking at Fellows Lake

Our own Michael Kelso Jansen gave host Michael Gibson a tour of the excellent trail system at Fellows Lake, and introduced Michael to the awesomeness that is mountain biking in SWMO! 

Bicycle Maintenance

We always have a great time with Michael and the crew from KY3's The Place, and we’re super proud of Kelso for rocking it on his TV debut! 

Cycling for weight loss

Weight loss. It’s something a lot of cyclists strive for, regardless of their size, shape, age, or fitness levels. Our friend Chris Wilson was featured on KY3's The Place to talk about how cycling has helped him on his epic weight loss journey. 

Cycling with the family

We’re back with our friends on KY3's The Place today, talking about great locations for cycling that the entire family can enjoy in the Springfield area.